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Visitor Information

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The Koyasan Visitor Information Center

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The Koyasan Visitor Information Center is inside the Daishi Kyokai building, located near Kongobuji and the Reihokan Museum. Our English speaking staff members are always willing to assist visitors from all over the world with questions and information about your visit to Koyasan. We are ready to make suggestions about;

  • Places you must see in Koyasan.
  • The best way to get around in Koyasan.
  • English information about the places to see.
  • Info about the experiences that Koyasan would offer.
  • We can help you plan out your day.
  • Any other questions that will help you enjoy your visit.

There are also several brochures, maps and other information available at our office.We look forward to meeting you soon!

Office hours:10:00 to 16:00

  • From April to November

     Mondays,Wednesdays and Fridays
     The 1st and the 3rd Sundays
     The 2nd and the 4th Saturdays

  • From December to March

     Wednesdays and Fridays
     The 2nd Saturdays

For inquiries

Koyasan Visitor Information Center is managed by
Koyasan Cross-cultural Communication Network
Phone: +81-736-56-2270
 ※For more information, please check Koyasan Cross-cultural Communication Network(This opens in another window.)

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