Forest Therapy Tours

A therapeutic program set against the soothing backdrop of the forest

Forest Therapy Tours

Forest therapy is a therapeutic program that takes you into the wilderness to experience the sights, smells, sounds, and textures it has to offer with your five senses, clearing your mind and restoring your energy.
Mount Koya is designated as a World Heritage Site for the sacred ground and temple paths it has in the Kii Mountains. These and other surrounding areas were designated as a Forest Therapy Site in 2007.
Our program lets you experience the history Koyasan has to offer and the nature on view at Mount Koya. We invite you to try it for yourself.


Dates May 24, June 22, July 19, August 24, September 27, October 26
Group meeting, therapy explained, orientation
Walk from Ichinohashi to Okunoin
Therapy guide explains the history and culture of the area while you engage with nature
Lunch and relaxation at therapy cottage
Enjoy special therapy bento boxes and practice deep breathing in hammocks
Therapy concludes. Return to Ichinohashi
Attire and items to bring Clothing suitable for exercise; sneakers, comfortable shoes, etc.
Capacity 20 people
Deadline to apply

10 days before the program

*Note that the application process will be closed once maximum occupancy is reached.