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Dogyokai (Pilgrims’ Meeting)

In today’s modern age, time seems to move too quickly, and there is a plenitude of information and conveniences.
Though circumstances may change, our fundamental essence as humans remains the same.
Amidst the chaos and constant flux, have you taken time to examine yourself and look within?
If you stop and look behind you, you’ll see that your life is supported by many people and things around you. Take time to give thanks back to Buddha for this life, showing your gratitude by purifying the temple halls. By focusing your entire attention on the task of cleansing the spacious halls and temple where Kobo Daishi is enshrined, you will see things in a new light as they are slowly revealed before you.



3月16日 Thu.
[Application period:3月1日~3日]
4月 5日 Wed.
[Application period:3月21日~23日]
6月 1日 Thu.
[Application period:5月17日~19日]
8月 25日 Fri.
[Application period:8月9日~11日]
11月 22日 Wed.
[Application period:11月7日~9日]
時間 Reception 9:00~10:00
Ending time 16:00
持ち物・服装 There are no restrictions on attire, but we recommend wearing something easy to work in.
When in season, we provide cloaks.
Maximum capacity 30 people (applications close once capacity is reached)
  • Fill in the application form (PDF available at the link below) and return by fax or post.
  • Participation is limited to once a year, but this does not apply to Sanyokai, Shugikai, Kobo Daishi Hosankai, and Kokai members.
  • You will receive a certificate by mail after the deadline closes. This indicates your attendance. Please bring it to the reception desk on the day of the event.

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Koyasan Shingon Buddhism Religious Affairs Section

“132 Koyasan, Koyacho, Itogun, Wakayama Prefecture, 648-0294
ATTN: Dogyokai

TEL: 0736-56-2015 (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM) FAX: 0736-56-4502