The organization explained

The organization explained

Head religious affairs office

Handles planning projects and public relations, as well as affairs for fundraising and other events.

General affairs

  • General affairs section

    Handles procedures and filings pertaining to temples, teachers, and other issues. Also handles the management of this web site.

  • Public welfare section

    Handles affairs pertaining to labor and public welfare.

Anniversary Services Office

Use this hotline for all questions regarding the special services for the 1,200th anniversary of Mount Koya’s founding.

Special 1,200th anniversary event page

Human rights bureau

  • Social services section

    Deals with social welfare, disaster response, and other issues.

  • Human rights section

    Deals with human rights issues, working with various organizations and groups.

Education group

  • Education section

    Handles education and missionary work. Creates literature and holds shakyo and ajikan workshops, as well as maintaining the newsletter.

  • Culture section

    Handles affairs for the Taishi Kyokai, training dojo, fundraising activities, Boy Scouts and other educational programs, the Dogyokai, Domonkai, and other educational and awareness groups.

  • Public affairs section

    Handles affairs for activities including donations to the Kongobuji, religious dances, and the Koyasan flower arrangement shows.

International bureau

Handles overseas missionary activities and administration of the international exchange center.

Financial affairs

  • Financial affairs

    Handles accounting and management of the sect’s financial assets, donations, et cetera.

  • Furnishings Division

    In charge just of goods to be used in Kong?bu-ji and Religious Affairs office

  • Engineering Division

    Responsible for management of facilities and land

Religious services group

  • Religious services section

    Handles the range of events that are hosted at Mount Koya throughout the year.

  • Adherent section

    Handles reception for temple-goers to Kongobuji and the administration of the Sanyokai.


Handles all affairs related to visits to the Garan. Manages the various properties in the Garan and the hosting of events and services.

Garan buildings


Handles memorial services and prayers. Cares for Kobo Daishi’s mausoleum.

Okunoin buildings

Forestry unit

Sees to the growth and care of the forests on Mount Koya. Also receives lumber donations.

Forestry unit