iconTravelling by Train

Nankai Koyasan Line to Gokurakubashi Station,
then Nankai Koyasan Cable to Koyasan Station

  • Travelling fromOsaka International Airport (Itami Airport)

    Travelling from Osaka International Airport (Itami Airport)

  • Travelling fromKansai International Airport

    Travelling from Kansai International Airport

    Travelling from Kansai International Airport
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  • Travelling from Shin-Osaka

    Travelling from Shin-Osaka

Area map

  • 高野山全体地図
  • 奥の院全体地図

Handicapped facilities

This section outlines which facilities offer ramps and restrooms accessible by wheelchair.


  • アイコン
    Entrance is at least 80 cm or wider.
  • アイコン
    Facility has a ramp.
  • アイコン
    Equipped with automatic doors.
  • アイコン
    Restrooms have railings.
  • アイコン
    Restrooms accessible by wheelchair
  • アイコン
    Western-style toilet with railings.
  • Sohonzan Kongobuji

    6 wheelchairs

  • Daimon
  • Danjo Garan

    3 wheelchairs

  • Koyasan Reihokan

    5 wheelchairs

  • Koyasan Taishi Kyokai

    4 wheelchairs

  • Nyonindo
  • Tokugawa Clan Mausoleum
  • Okunoin

    7 wheelchairs

  • Koya City Community Center
  • Koya City Koyasan Hospital
  • Koyasan Tourism Association

    5 wheelchairs

  • Nakanohashi parking lot Public toilet, east side
  • Nakanohashi parking lot Public toilet, west side
  • Public toilet next to Rokuji no Kane
  • Public toilet in front of Garan
  • Public toilet behind Garan

Wheelchairs are available to borrow, so please contact the nearest staff member.
These are fundamentally intended for use indoors. If you require a wheelchair for outdoor use, please contact the Mount Koya Taishi Kyokai at 0736-56-2015.

Kongobuji tour guides introduced

Mount Koya has dedicated guides who have passed tests run by Konbobuji. They are available to help you learn more about Mount Koya’s history and further enjoy your visit. Get more out of your Mount Koya experience by learning in detail and experiencing their thorough service. We are standing by.

To register

To register for a tour, notify the Koyasan Tourism Association in advance with your name, address, number of people in your party, planned visit date, and contact telephone number. We will contact you to confirm. For further details, please communicate directly with the tour guide you are put in contact with.


  • If you will be late to your scheduled tour due to traffic congestion or other reasons, or if you are forced to cancel, please contact your designated tour guide. In the event of same-day cancellations, you will be charged half the price of the tour price.
  • Costs associated with your visit(entrance fees、travel expenses)are your responsibility. The tour price does not include entrance fees to Mount Koya buildings.
  • The Koyasan Tourism Association is not responsible for any accidents sustained during your tour (including in transit).

Miscellaneous inquiries

For further details on registering for a tour, please visit the Koyasan Tourism Association website(opens in a separate window).

Send inquiries and registration requests to

Koyasan Tourism Association
TEL: 0736-56-2616
600 Koyasan, Koya-cho, Ito-gun, Wakayama-ken