Temple visit

temple visit

Visiting for the Shichi-Go-San holiday

The Miyashiro in the Garan welcomes visitors coming for Shichi-Go-San.
You will find the Miyashiro on the western side of the Danjo Garan, enshrouded by a quiet forest of cedar trees several hundreds of years old. For the 1,200 years since its founding, this site has enshrined Myojin-sama, the tutelary god who watches over Mount Koya.
For Shichi-Go-San, visitors can pay their respects at the front hall of the Miyashiro and pray for their children’s health and growth. Do not hesitate to pay a visit.

Services held on
November 1-15 every year
9:00 AM to 3:00 PM (reservations required)
Approx. 30 minutes
\10,000 per child
Garan Offering Hall, Sohonzan Kongobu-ji

Child’s first visit to its tutelary diety

The Miyashiro in the Garan also offers services for children’s first vists to their tutelary dieties.
Take this chance to announce the birth of your child.

Services are available year-round.